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    The Lord has entrusted us with a beautiful gift. He led us to Peru to fill our house with the abandoned, unloved, abused, and forgotten souls. The goal of filling our house is to fill His house for eternity.  It is the beautiful gift of eternity with the Lord which compels us to keep going. Keep on sharing the gospel. Keep on loving. Keep on reaching out. Keep on forgiving. Keep on saying yes.
   Our yes has brought us to continued places where our faith has been stretched and strengthened. We stand now at another crossroad the Lord has brought us to and we are saying yes again. Yes, we will build. Yes, we will plant something for generations of Peruvians to come. Yes, Lord, we will trust you for the outcome.
  We are believing the Lord to build a place for Exodus House. He will use our prayers and mouths to spread the word. He will touch and stir hearts to give. My great-uncle told us on a recent visit to his home place, “I love this old house and the things in it.” After a long pause he went on to say, “But you can’t take any of it with you.” Brings tears to my eyes even now. Randy and I needed to be reminded this life is but a vapor. (James 4:14) Our eyes have to be fixed on things God will use to bring others in to His kingdom.
    Would you take a few moments and voice a prayer to the Lord for this need? If you are an answer to this prayer; please do what the Lord places on your heart. Pray, give, or share with others about this opportunity to Build Exodus House. Many souls will hear about the gift of eternal life as they come and fill up Exodus House in the future. All are welcome to come on this journey with us!
    You can find out more information by going to our link: .
    You can still give on this website at: . Please select the drop down arrow Building Exodus House.
    If you have any questions, please email us at or contact us at 601-990-7756.
   All gifts are tax deductible.