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For over six years, we have ministered to the ladies in prison.  The Lord has placed us as eyes and ears for many of them; watching over their children and visiting their families. The ladies need constant encouragement and love, to hear the Word of God, and prayer. 
We serve the ladies by:
*Ministering the Word of God by sharing the Gospel and discipleship.
One of the ladies reading scripture.

One of the ladies reading scripture.

*Following up with their families and children to help meet their needs. 
We assist with uniforms, school dues, clothes, prayer, etc.
*Help them buy basic toiletries; toilet paper, shampoo, deodorant, soap, clothes detergent.  At times, purchase clothes for them if they have no family to help them.
*Visit their spouse.  (Often, the spouse is in the men’s jail.)
*Carry children to visit their mother in jail.
*Offer their children of school age the opportunity to participate in the Exodus House Afterschool Ministry.
Please pray with us for our mothers in the jail and their families to come to know Christ and be set free.

You Can Help!

*Donate yarn, thread, and polyfil for sewing projects.
*Donate Spanish Christian books or Bibles. Big print is good for some of our older ladies.
*Donate monetary gifts to help buy toiletry items, clothing, medicine, and assist caregivers of their children with School dues and fees.